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Latex Closure is a self seal process where two strips of latex glue are added to the envelope, one to the flap and one to the body of the envelope. The latex glue on the flap will only stick to the latex glue that is added to the body of the envelope. When the flap is closed the envelope will seal.
Latex Closure offers two main advantages. First, they don’t need any moisture to activate the adhesive. Second, they create a quick, strong and long-lasting seal. The adhesive used in Latex Envelopes contributes greatly to security and confidentiality of the contents.
Latex Seal can be applied to many types of envelope styles and sizes as well as different paper stocks. We can also apply this seal to the envelopes we convert for you from your preprinted furnished paper.
A typical application of this type of closure can be seen in Drive In or coin envelopes, where the end user needs the envelopes to be sealed, but the licking wants to be avoided.
Peel and Seal Envelopes are manufactured with pressure sensitive adhesive and a paper liner. A strip of adhesive is added to the flap and a liner is placed on top of the adhesive. The paper liner prevents the envelope from being sealed prematurely. When the strip of paper is removed and the flap closed, the envelope will seal.
Peel and Seal closures can be applied to a wide variety of envelope sizes and styles and sizes. Please talk to your Customer Sales representative to find out more information about our capabilities.