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FLEXO Printing
Our envelope folding machinery is equipped with in-line Flexographic printing units. This means your envelopes are printed ant the same time they are folded and glued.
We two styles of Flexographic printing units installed in our machines:
  • Standard Quality FLEXO, printed with rubber rollers, normally used for line work and transactional mail.
  • HIGH Quality FLEXO printed using Doctor Blade Chambers capable of printing crisp colors and half tones.

For #!0 and #9 side seam envelopes we can print up to 4 outside colors plus inside tint.

For any envelope style we can print up to 2 outside colors plus inside tint.
Litho Overprinting (Jet Printing)
We have several HALM Jet Presses to overprint already folded envelopes with OFSET quality.   Our presses can print 2 colors perfecting (2/2) and any size envelope.
Flat sheet printing and converting
Four color process or flat sheet printing is available. Talk to our experienced staff regarding this type or projects.